Digital Printing

  • Most cost effective for low quantities printing

  • High quality, short-run printing is common for the majority of companies worldwide. When time or budgets are tight, the shorter print runs possible from digital printing is far more convenient and cost effective.

    Digital technology does not generate the fixed costs associated with offset litho production; therefore, there is no “minimum run” to worry about. Without printing plates and ink drying times to worry about, digital printing is also significantly faster than litho with shorter production times – very useful when you have a tight schedule to meet!

    Quality of digital print is now very high. If you have any concerns we always print an advance copy before the entire circulation is printed so that you can assess the quality and, of course, correct any errors until the production process is started.

  • Offset printing is the cheapest for high quality large quantities

  • We have great experience in this field, printing and binding every type of book including limp, hard-back and integrated binding as well as more specialist techniques.

    We work with a reliable and carefully selected roster of Polish and European printing houses seven days a week. These suppliers have state-of-the-art printing machinery and highly specialised printing equipment acquired thanks to subsidies from the European Union. Our in-depth industry knowledge allows us to add suppliers with new and improved printing services every week.

    All our suppliers are specialists with long-term experience in the printing industry and the knowledge they share with us is invaluable. By combining this experience with our expert project management, our clients feel cared for at every stage of production. We take great pride in every job and work to ensure your project is delivered in the shortest possible time, at the lowest possible price and to the highest quality.

    Our efforts have won the recognition of our clients – and we work with more than 1500 companies. Cooperating with more than 80 printers and finishers, we have a reputation for delivery that seem apparently impossible to others.

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    Ask for any printing product like book, packaging, games or large format.

    Basic book specification should consist following information:

    • Format (size, orientation)
    • Binding
    • Cover (kind, weight of paper, colours, finishing)
    • Content (weight of paper, printed 1+1,4+4,…)
    • Number of pages
    • Quantity
    • Delivery place

    The more data you provide, the quicker we answer.

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